Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Skyrim DLC

With the recent announcement of the upcoming DLC Dawnguard by Bethesda on Facebook and Twitter a lot of people, I for one, will be waiting with a childlike smile on my face. Modern companies have strayed from the traditional path of expansion packs, and have focused more on smaller, cheaper, DLC packs, and sometimes even items.

 Staying with The Elder Scrolls, and warping back almost 6 years to the release of Oblivion and it’s subsequent piss poor offerings of DLC set the standard for other publishers and developers to release a steady stream of guff to accompany their products, a mission here or there, a weapon pack, map packs, outfits, vehicles e.t.c. The offerings Bethesda coughed up later on were slightly better than the Spell Tomes, and Horse Armor, we were blessed with some abodes for our struggling adventurer, and a nifty quest to get a Daedric dagger. After fucking with us for a while, Bethesda pulled some amazing content out of their backsides, showing their A-Game set within the Daedric realm of “The Shivering Isles”, a whole new island divided by mania and dementia. And then there was the holy crusade “The Knights of the Nine”, starting with a pilgrimage across Cyrodiil, and ending with a nasty showdown. Bethesda decided to tone down DLC to jaunty afternoon adventures with 2008’s Fallout 3, adding some new locales, but nothing to compare to the sheer size and complexity of The Shivering Isles.

 So what do we expect from Dawnguard? After the initial success of Skyrim, Even with the Bugs, Imbalances, and overall dumbing down, Bethesda will want to keep you coming back. Even after losing a few hardcore followers to the simple mechanics, uninspiring quest lines, and overall lack of depth, and gaining tenfold more due to the dual wielding, action focused combat, beautiful scenery and free for all Viking fest that Is Skyrim, I really hope that the DLC adds some more meat to the game, and with rumours of snow elves, Crossbows and the elusive Dawnguard, I’m sure Bethesda wont fuck it up…. (Fingers crossed)

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