Monday, 14 May 2012

Dishonored Looks Awesome.

Dear Readers,
 I write to you, to bear grand news; The mechanical game device developer Bethesda has revealed its Arkane knowledge to the public of the year of our lord 2012. I bring you news of a wondersome nature, but alas, the top of my agenda brings news most dire, I sit here, Quill and Parchment in hand, with a pestilence, A Plague, a killer of life, soul and intellect. A Plague, so bubonic, so shockingly disgusting that I dare tell you, the dear readers, any more of my foul ailment.

   Okay, so, Cut the period crap, I am suffering though, suffering with impatience for Dishonored.
A title described as a mix of Bioshock and Assassins Creed. Yes, you read that right... Sweet, No?..

 Set in what was planned to be an alternate reality 17th century London, Developers Arkane Studios changed the setting to the fictional city of Dunwall,  maybe a coincidence, but it sounds Lovecraft inspired. The Game offers a setting that looks odd, with a mix of Steampunk inspired creations and architectural masterpieces that wouldn't look awry in early Victorian London, so we are treading slight familiar ground, sharing a team that has collectively worked on some truly iconic games, such as half life 2, and thief, this really should not disappoint.

 Now this may not be brand new news to everyone, but it is fresh of the grapevine to me, and Fuck me, It looks AWESOME

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